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Hi, there. 
Is anyone else panicking that gifts aren't ordered and therefore, not shipped?
Yes, that's me. I have my family and all the ladies taken care of. But the husby cannot think of ideas for the men in his family. I see a mad dash to Target for beef jerky the day before we start our drive to Louisiana...

Anyway, the point of this post is - NEW BLOG DESIGN! Hallelujah. I got tired of my old kraft paper background in about three seconds. It just wasn't where I wanted to take the blog. But the new design is right on point. I still have tweaks and small things to add. But the major work is done.
A snippet of the home page. But you should check out the DIY and Freebie pages, too. They have some cute hand-drawn elements going on. I'm super excited about the new look! What do you think?


  1. This is AWESOME. I love the font and the DIY page is so well done that I want to go do some of the crafts <_<


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