DIY: Upcycle Anthro bag

Hi, friends!
Today I will show you three ways to upcycle your Anthropologie bags.
I've been very lucky to acquire some Anthro tops lately. Squee!
They have top-notch bags. The kind you want to re-use. But since I am going to need one for my grandpa's gift, I thought I would cover the logo and add a little pizazz. 
See the details after the jump!

The photos are pretty self-explanatory. Plop your painter's tape down wherever you want stripes and get to painting (acrylic will do). It doesn't take much, dries super fast.
The other options require an embroidery needle and embroidery floss.

For the messy green option, I chose several shades of green and used the Anthropologie logo as my guide. I poked in and out and just went organic but stuck near the logo, to keep it somewhat uniform. 

For the teapot, I glued a teapot cutout over the logo and then made little hearts with pink floss.

Have fun! If you decide to redo your Anthro bags for holiday packaging, show me some pics!


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