DIY: Tinsel Comb

Holidays are here, ladies! It's one of the few times that a grown lady can wear glittery bits in her hair and not be called a 'floozie'. Ok, no one calls anyone that. But it's the perfect excuse to break out the feminine bling. So here's an inexpensive diy to bling it up. P.S. Have you noticed my efforts at bringing the hair comb back in style? I predict it will happen in 2012!
 Supplies: Christmas pick, one piece of embroidery floss, hair comb, glue
Step 1: Place a thin line of glue at the top of your comb
2. Hurry! Stick your holiday pick down before the glue dries.
3. You could stop there but I didn't like the way the end of the pick looked. So I wrapped with embroidery floss (using this technique) to cover it up. Voila!
While I'm showing off the hair comb, may I also show off my new Christmas sweater?
Love it. Wish I had taken a photo of the back - it has big buttons up all the way up.
Oh, and this is how I styled my hair comb - I already had a headband on. So I just placed the comb right behind the hair band, above my ear. Party the night away - it's there to stay!


  1. Such an easy, pretty project, and you are absolutely gorgeous in these pictures!!!

  2. I love love LOVE all the crazy glittery Christmas tinsel branches and leaves at Hobby Lobby and Micheals! Thanks for showing me how I can wear it! I pinned you to my board ;)

  3. I kept wondering if that headband was part of the comb. I absolutely adore this- wish I would have seen it for the holidays, such a sweet & original idea (& since it involves no sewing/cutting I might manage to not mess it up!). : )


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