DIY: Gift Wrap for Men

I love wrapping gifts for men. Because I always end up using everyday household items (I mean, they usually don't care). And I love the outcome! You can be cute with very basic items.
I keep two rolls of painter's paper in green & kraft and a roll of painter's tape for crafting.
I don't know the real name of the paper - It's about $3/roll in the paint dept. of the hardware store. 
Very inexpensive and super handy. 

When I was wrapping this gift for my husband, I couldn't resist trying a girly element first, to see the result. I couldn't capture the vibrance of the babushka - it's very bright & of course, the painter's tape is too. Love those two colors together! Now, you could totally jazz this idea up in a million ways. I thought of making a plaid or argyle pattern with the tape. But then I remembered - my husband could care less about wrapping paper. So let's call it done. ;)


  1. oh I love the painter's tape idea - I've been needing to get some anyway for some other DIY projects!


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