DIY: Fabric & Felt Ornaments

Got an easy breezy diy to help you finish up your gift giving this week.
See the details after the jump!

1. Fabric with distinct print. Look for big images that you can cut out (no intricate patterns).
2. Glue gun or Mod Podge
3. Yarn or ribbon
1. Cut out some of your fabric images. I used napkins from World Market for mine (previous project!).
2. Glue fabric cut out to two pieces of matching felt. Mod Podge or a glue gun works.
3. Remember to glue a loop of ribbon or yarn between your first and second pieces of felt. If you forget (like I did once), glue the yarn to the back of your ornament and cover with a small piece of felt.

Now put them to use! Hang on your Christmas tree. Or, as I did, use them to embellish gift wrap.


  1. Oh wow. I never considered how elegant (and useful) something like this would be. I don't have a machine at home, so I've been avoiding non-felt fabrics, but these are too pretty to ignore. Thank you for sharing.

  2. oooh i'll be on the lookout for some funky-patterned items in the 25-cent bin now, thanks- great idea!


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