2012 Goals

Here's hoping my fairy godmother shows up this year and works her magic with these goals. Cause I'm pretty sure 'exercise' is such a loose goal it may never happen. At least I'm thinking about it, right?

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  1. I love the simplicity!! And "decrease consumption" kind of hit me...I think everyone needs to do a bit of that. I know I will be trying my hardest.

    Good luck with the e-booklets! I wouldn't know how to even try something like that, but it sounds cool!!

  2. These are great goals! Do you have any specific new craft in mind you want to learn? I still need to write out one of my resolutions but do and post more DIYs in def on my blog goals!
    OH & sit ups- I have a theory you might like- it just gets me muscle under the pudge & makes my tummy stick out more ; )


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