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Some small businesses are really inspiring. And there are so many great ones out there on the web. 
One of my faves is Yellow Owl Workshop.
I would be thrilled to receive any of their items but I've had my eye on that Print Workshop book for a looong time. And the stamp set on the bottom left is their signature one that you may have seen all over the web by now. Love.

Now. On to the reason for this post. See that image up there? A collage with fun little bits? I made that using My Memories Suite software. I used the basic items that come with the software, I didn't purchase a kit from them or add my own embellishments. I like how it turned out. The software was created for scrapbooking and that is obvious when you use it. BUT. I think it would be awesome for bloggers that don't have/use Photoshop. Here are my thoughts on the software.

1. Easy to use. Super user friendly, not a big learning curve.

2. Lots of different templates that you can just slide photos right into and it crops them to size for you! And you can just copy/paste right off a website, no need to save the photo to your hard drive.

3. GREAT for bloggers/people who aren't computer savvy but want their blog posts to look like they are. I think this software can lend a really professional look without nearly the fuss or learning curve (or expense) of Photoshop.

1. You have the option of adding links to your images (I almost yippeed! out loud when I saw that) BUT I cannot find a way to keep those links when you export the image to use in a blog post. So, for bloggers, that negates the fact that the option is even available. (Of course, I could have missed something, I'm still looking for a different export option).

2. Simplified design choices. If you use Photoshop or some other extensive image editing program, you will probably be disappointed by the lack of design choices. However, you can buy bunches of cool packages from My Memories, if you want more choices. And you can add SVGs and other items to your My Memories library from your computer. Even so, I really see this as software for a beginner.

3. Less control over images/embellishments than an image editing software. I'm used to having the most minute control over every single piece of an image in Photoshop. Of course, this program is nothing like PS and has a completely different use. But I use PS to design blog post layouts and that's what I would use this software for too, so I have to compare.

This software was not created to compete with Photoshop so it's almost unfair that I compared them so often. However, I was thinking about the realistic use of this software in my blogging life or for other bloggers. So many of us use Photoshop that I would be remiss not to point out how it would be different to use this software to create blog post layouts.

I think this would be amazing software for a blogger that isn't into digital design. It could really take your blog to the next level without nearly the effort of learning a design program. Or for anyone looking for Christmas gifts for the fam - you can print your images in all kinds of formats!

GUESS WHAT? My Memories gave me the software to review (all opinions my own) and they are giving a reader one, too! Woot! So tune in Wednesday, November 23rd for a big giveaway. This software will be one of many products you can win. :)

**Okay - here's a fun opportunity for my regular readers. If you leave a comment on this post with your fave digital scrap kit from My memories, you will get an extra entry in Wednesday's giveaway. This option will end when Wednesday's giveaway is posted.**


  1. What an interesting compliment to other software. I like their button colletions (actual shirt buttons). :)


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