Want: The Curiosity Shoppe

 *Note: Blogger has been stubborn for two days now and will not let me edit any of these links.
Ugh! I managed to get one link up, to the shop. Instead of linking you directly to my favorite items, I'll have to explain where they are on the site. Sorry. :(

I'm sure many of you are familiar with The Curiosity Shoppe.
But just in case you aren't, here it is.
I think it's such a great place to find unique gifts, so start checking people off your list!

Isn't their site cool? Unique layout.
I've been coveting these keys for awhile. They may seem a little pricey at first glance.
But just think - A bit of ribbon/string/chain and you've got five awesome gifts!
Okay, four because you have to keep one for yourself, of course.
Found in the "Living Room" section of the site.
Both of these lovely items (wooden fruit bowls) and mojave coasters, can be found
in the "Kitchen" tab on the left hand side of their site.
For the crafter. That would be me- hint, hint.
Awesome books full of patterns! Click the "Craft Room" button on the left hand side of their site.
So go check The Curiosity Shoppe out - awesome gift ideas!