Stamped Tags

I've been playing around with stamps lately. I haven't used stamps in years. 
But I found these 'hello' and 'just for you' stamps at Michaels for $1. Awesome, huh?
I bet you have them at your Michaels too. They are in the cheap kid aisle. There should be a little aisle with a random assortment of cheap toys, notepads, etc. If you buy them, show me what you make!

In doing this project, I was reminded that we don't always have to line things up perfectly, you know? I ended up making quite a few asymmetrical tags (forgot photos!). You can see one interesting combo in the top photo, left corner. Anyway, the point is - maybe you'll smudge a line today? Or leave a frayed end? Sometimes it's good to allow room for the less-than-perfect. 

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