Printable & DIY: Wrap-around Labels

Today Lindsay at Shrimp Salad Circus and I bring you a free printable and a diy!
I made some modern wrap-around labels that you can snag at Shrimp Salad Circus.

You will REALLY, really want to purchase full page adhesive labels for this project.
And I can promise future projects involving label paper as well! 
I linked to the best deal I've seen - 100 pages for $15. Way better than buying at an office supply store.
Also, you can use this to make all of your holiday tags. 
Okay, you clearly see how big a fan I am. I'll stop now. :)

Once you've downloaded and printed, here are a couple of options for their use.
First, there's the traditional use of wrap-around labels. So classy, love it.
Second, not-so-traditional way to jazz up a little gift.
I'm so loving the reflection of my nose in that candle lid. Lovely.
In case you were wondering - this is a small Slatkin & Co candle.

So all my blathering about full page labels convinced Lindsay to purchase some and give it a go.
Here are Lindsay's ideas for creatively using the labels.

You could also print them on sticker paper again and wrap them around napkin rings 
and then your guests could unpeel them to draw on. This would be really great for children.
Because we all know children (ahem, and adults!) love stickers (as long as you buy removable labels!).

Got any other ideas for these labels?


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