Like, whoa: Harmony

For some reason, lately I've found myself typing "like, whoa" a lot. 
I don't say it aloud. And I'm not the type of girl that would usually use those two 
words together. And it's not like I even enjoy the irony of someone such as myself
saying 'like, whoa'. I truly think the expression fits certain occasions very well.
If that makes me a little bit 'valley girl' - so be it. 
(That's what I called high-pitched girls with blond hair when I was a kid - 'valley girl'. Sorry if you are truly a girl from the valley - I think I picked up that stereotype from my Dad. He often did a valley girl voice to entertain me. Love those memories.).

So, Katie. Get to the point, right? See these images in the post?
 I made those with this awesome new Chrome app - Harmony. It basically makes anything you draw look super cool. I have zero, I mean zero, illustration skills. It's sad, really. 
I actually feel kind of impressed with my clouds that I drew with my finger on a tiny trackpad.
  So go have fun!  Regardless of skill level, you'll be entertained for hours. And if you actually have illustrating skills, I bet I would be even more impressed with this app. 


  1. Oooh! That WAS fun!

  2. been there, done that :


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