Feature: Dusana Botswana

Hi there, lovely readers. 
Today I have a treat for you. An interview with Dusana of Dusana Botswana.
I'm not sure how I stumbled upon Dusana's blog, but I'm glad I did!
She's a special lady, that much is apparent.
First thing that drew me in? $1 (and less!) thrift store finds.
I mean, seriously. Those types of thrift stores don't even exist in my area.

But Dusana's interest in fashion goes beyond affordability. I dare say it's not about our current notion of what 'fashion' is but more about a very real, honest expression of Dusana. 
(Although I could be speaking out of turn, that's the impression I get).
Two things: Low-impact lifestyle & commitment to supporting handmade Mexican craftsmen/women
First, let's talk low-impact lifestyle.

Now, the main reason that I wanted to feature Dusana. She is putting a ton of work into creating and running an online shop that features handmade Mexican blouses. GUESS WHAT? 100% of the proceeds are reinvested into the artists and this effort. Like whoa, right?

Something interesting about Dusana? She is from Arizona. Her significant other, Jonny, is from Venzuela. And they met while studying in Spain. So cute, right?
So go shop and read!


  1. Great Q&A!!! Dusana has worked so hard and it melts my heart to see how well everything is coming together! That pics of Dus and J is super cute! Also, Dusana is the thrift captain of the world!

  2. Aww thanks so much for featuring me! You asked great, interesting questions & thank you for the kind things you said about me! Also love how you set up the graphics & Q&A & I maybe be borrowing that adorable map graphic : )

  3. Very interesting stories about the fabrics & designs relating to the people of a certain region. I can tell she really cares about the artisans, environment & trying to reuse not buy new. Wishing her lots of success w/ her new shop.

  4. This is a great interview... I really like Dusana's blog (and her amazing goods for sale too). I didn't realize she and Jonny met in Spain, but it's certainly an international romance!


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