DIY: Upcycled Dot Gift Wrap

Hello, all! It's my fave blogging day of the week! DIY day. 
You know I love projects. And I love, love packaging.
So I'm happy to bring you a bit of both today.
Today is all about recycling items you already have.
I didn't buy anything for this project, had everything on hand!
Click 'read more' to see the how-to below the jump.

I bought these sea creatures at the Dollar Tree not long ago, with a project in mind.
Well, that project didn't quite work out (not yet, anyway). So I used the leftovers. I painted a starfish with teal acrylic paint. DO NOT USE SPRAY PAINT. It will never dry and always remain tacky (something about this cheap, rubbery plastic that doesn't mix).
That's what went wrong with the last project, haha!

The painter's tape is optional- if you feel it will help you keep the hole stencil steady, use it.
I found it got in my way so I stopped using it.
I mixed a gold, teal paint color. Then I stippled it on newspaper with the hole reinforcement sheet as you would with any stencil. If you've never stenciled, stippling means quickly moving your brush up and down against the stencil, sort of like you are stabbing the paper. Lovely description, I know.
Move your stencil along the page as you finish each set - don't be perfect! It will still look great.
And the finished project! 


  1. I'm making a gift of recycled materials used for gift-wrap to a friend this Christmas. The idea is a huge box of tags, boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon etc to use throughout the year...all recycled! Love this!


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