DIY All Holidays Card

So, I have this problem. I often put off mailing packages for much longer than I should. I mail envelopes easily because I have stamps on hand. But packages- it seems so difficult. And I'm not a procrastinator. Totally not. But this one thing, it gets me. I LOVE packaging gifts to be pretty - hate stuffing them in mailers and boxes. :(
I've been meaning to send my best friend a gift since January. JANUARY. I'm finally getting around to packing it up. So I thought I'd send her a humorous card to cover all of the holidays that have passed in the meanwhile (and Christmas, since it's so soon). And I realized - this was an entire year. Geez. 

So, if you're like me and need to send a card that covers all the holidays (or maybe you're gifting a really big gift that will cover a year's worth of holidays), I'm posting the image I created for her card (minus 'wedding'). And I know the holidays aren't in order - I just typed them as I thought of them. :)

Download the card image here.

P.S. Do you like the chevron hot air balloon sticker? Part of my crafting this past weekend.


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