Craftin' With Kids: Thanksgiving

So next week is National Adoption Day. A day where people that are involved in the 
adoption process (caseworkers, GALs, judges, foster families, etc) celebrate the joy in 
adoption and raise awareness that there are many ways to create a family. 

I volunteer with the county foster care program and I'm in charge of the kids' craft table at our 
Adoption Day celebration. (We have a family doing their adoption hearing this day! Woot!).
You guys know I'm totally stoked about this.
Here are some ideas that I'm using as inspiration.
Of course, I'll show you the final outcomes next week.

Turkey Pins
ADORBS. But I can't do pins with little kiddos around.
But maybe just the turkeys? As magnets? Ooo, yeah, magnets! 
I'm fleshing this idea out as I type this, can you tell? ;)

Here's a free file to cut these turkey pieces out on my Cricut.
Which makes me think about making a turkey puppet out of paper bags?

Aaah! I love this modern turkey. So stinkin' cute.
This is another file I can use to cut out the pieces on my Cricut.
This would be easy for them to glue together.

Maybe leaf & acorn garland? That would be easy and they could color the leaves, etc.
Which I would of course cut out with my Cricut. :)
Trusty old Cricut is super handy for multiple cutouts. 


  1. I love love LOVE the little turkey pins!
    What a great way to recycle magazines.
    I bet you could make those for every holiday too!

  2. I'm a case worker, and we just had our Adoption Day on Friday! A craft table is a neat idea!


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