The Scoop: Makeup

I just realized that I did a post last August about what makeup I use. 
I thought it would be interesting to see what has changed since then. 
Okay, maybe more interesting for me than you, but still. ;)
My Makeup Bag

I still swear by MAC Studio Finish Concealer.
 It's my main makeup splurge ($17) and it's a must-have.

I use a different foundation these days and I'm totally hooked.
CoverGirl + Olay Simply Ageless ($14). It's awesome. 
Moisturizing, light-weight, great coverage!

I don't care too much about what type of blush I use. Whatever is on sale. 
 I still use Elf's studio blush & kabuki brushes and I highly recommend them ($3).

The Lancome eyeshadow is a hand-me-down and I'm STILL using it! (3 yrs?)
 I will really use almost any brown/cream eyeshadow.

No preference on eyeliners.
I still use Cover Girl mascara, Last Blash. Not awesome but fine.
I use ELF's eyeshadow brush and comb wand ($1). 

My daily routine still takes 6 minutes.
But when I'm getting fancy or taking my time, closer to 12-15 min.


  1. Ugh I need new brushes. Also, I'm working on a 'best of beauty' feature, and it won't be nearly this cute... I fancy myself Allure, and I'm going to give out those awards, and all the companies will just covet them...


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