Inspiration (& extra thoughts): it's better than bad

I found a gold mine in vintage ephemera.
Check out this collection of Vintage Illustrations on Flickr by it's better than bad.
I really like this one - the shapes and colors are great.
Many of these illustrations can provide inspiration.


If you browse more of this photostream, you'll see that many of the vintage cartoons, advertisements and illustrations are from men's magazines. Ladies, only browse if you are prepared to be mad. And perhaps a little glad, because things do seem to be better. But then again, women are still blatantly sexualized in our society. Only it is somehow less offensive to the general public because women themselves have bought into it. In many of these vintage illustrations and cartoons, women were drawn and characterized by men so maybe it is more shocking than today's advertisements. (? Just a thought. I can think of other points to make that would contradict that sentiment.) Perhaps I've just grown accustomed to our generation's version of sexualizing women?
So, I posted the first three photos for inspiration. But I had to address the obvious sexist mindset of previous generations found in this photostream. Browse the vintage cartoon collection if you want to see more. But don't say I didn't warn you! 


  1. Def women are still sexualized in the media, and especially in advertising and, although I have no info to back it up, I'd guess that many times are still drawn by men. We def have "bought into it," but on the positive side, as a society, I see us buying into it less and less, as seen just by the fact that we notice the sexism in these cartoons are are talking about it. Anyway, unnecessary ramble on my part, but good point to bring up! And always fun to see vintage non-clothes items!


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