DIY: Upcycled Gift Packaging

(they come in different varieties, I'm sure you can find a match for your sweet tooth).
Listen, if you are the healthy type (go you!) and don't want your cookies,
Just buy these for the container and send me the cookies, k? Perfect. 
I went ahead and linked to my fave kind. ;)
spray paint
Vinyl, ribbon, stickers, etc.

I used my Cricut to cut vinyl decals. I can't say enough about how much I looove my Cricut.
If you've considered getting one, do it! 
They are so much fun and make super professional gifts/packaging.
Clean out your go-pak. And by 'clean' - I mean lick every last crumb!
The plastic wrapping comes right off.
Spray paint and then add your pretties!
I'm using my gift cup to wrap up a variety of craft buttons.
I made another one (not so cute, unfortunately) that I'm using to house my washi tape.

Since you are using spray paint, don't gift food in this 
(unless the food is sealed prior, which would be adorbs - homemade cheese straws, anyone?)

Make sure you position your stickers/decals exactly right the first time or you will remove paint.


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