DIY: Rug

Rugs are crazy expensive. At least, interesting ones are.
Maybe one day I'll have a nice rug.
But for now, I have a DIY one that is just right for us.
supplies: home decor fabric, canvas dropcloth, spray adhesive, rug gripper, sewing machine
My 4x6 rug cost around $50 and I got to pick out the exact fabric I wanted.
I used this DIY tutorial. Worked out really well!

Do you guys see how matchy-matchy and big-box store our living room is?
It's okay for now but if I could do it again, I would do it differently. For instance, I definitely don't love that coffee table. And I would never have purchased that recliner if my husband didn't really want one.

We had visitors coming really soon after we moved and I felt pressure to purchase everything right away. Plus, we don't have a truck and I would have to find a way transport anything from a thrift store. :( So I bought from second-hand furniture stores that would deliver and ordered things online. 
It works, but I'm definitely dreaming of the day when we have a house and I can do it right.


  1. We're doing it the opposite way and still have lots of boxes cluttered and only a dining table & chairs (plus bed) to sit on. I'm starting to regret it because it's making this apartment feel like anything but home. Which is to say, don't regret it too much. The other way's got its pitfalls, too. :)

  2. Thanks, Janelle! But I still say - take your time if you can! That way you can get things you love. Because there are days when I feel like I'm sitting in Target in my own living room. ha! But I get what you're saying about wanting a 'home'. :)

  3. At least you bought some of it secondhand, just making some effort is always the most important : ) We had the same problem but luckily were able to thrift several small pieces that fit in our borrowed car and later borrow a truck to pick up some bigger items. I'm def not too happy w/ our living room though and keep putting off tackling hanging things in stucco walls. Really cool rug tutorial, I def could use this in the future, look like you did an amazing job!

  4. oh thats my dream rug right now. I;m going to try to do one just like it. Rugs are so expensive but teh fabric I'm looking at right now is too! I dont know what to do. I'm also under time pressure (inlaws are styaing over) oh well


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