DIY: Fail

There are A LOT of diy and crafty blogs out there.
And so many have the most perfect looking designs, ideas and houses.
Not to mention, super cute partners and friends.
Adorable haircuts and figures.
I could go on...
FAIL: Chevron Tray Table
Even though I sealed the black base before I taped, the tape still took huge chunks of black paint off.

I didn't want you guys to start thinking that all of my projects come out with the soft glow that accompanies my angelic crafting life. Ha! Far from it. For everyone, it takes many failed attempts and lots of practice to get great tutorials or ideas. Of course, sometimes project ideas fall right in my lap and turn out perfectly the first time. Lovely. But that's certainly not the rule - there is always a bit of tweaking involved and let's be honest, photos don't tell the whole story. A different shot or angle goes a long way in hiding imperfections.

FAIL: Photoshoot background
I LOVE this idea but I could not get the lighting right no matter what I did. :( We had to take it outside. Then I wanted to do this at my wedding reception but didn't have time. So somebody take this idea and make it work! I'm begging. :)

FAIL: TTV Photography
HA! This was terrible. I mean, I had no idea what I was doing. It's embarrassing to even show this.

FAIL: Chalkboard Keyholder
Oh gosh, this one was so bad. You can't even see just how bad in this photo.

So, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll have tons more in the near future. ;)
Care to show your failed projects?


  1. haha!! I love this post!! I too fail lots, but don't always share...I should!

  2. haha! I love seeing the fails. They make me smile and realise that everyone else is human, just like me :)

  3. Ha! I just failed at making a comment to this post... How appropriate! Thanks for this awesome post! It gives newbies like me the boost of confidence to keep me practicing and practicing ... - mel

  4. Lol! I just love this post! Thank you for sharing! I am now your newest follower and I look forward to reading your future blog posts! I would love it if you followed me as well:

  5. This is great. I totally admire your honesty. I recently spent HOURS on an embroidery hoop that's now hidden under a PILE of fabric because it looked so awful at the end but I can't bare to throw out that amount of effort! =)

  6. thanks, @nikkijoy! I totally understand your pain - I haaate it when I spend a lot of time on something that just isn't right. Ugh. Total bummer. But, the bright side - you gain a lot of experience and probably will do a much better job on your next project!

  7. Yay! Love hearing some good old honesty, you're right craft (and food bloggers too) make everything look so easy and never seem to mess up!
    I'm going to go try some DIY myself, wish me luck!

  8. That chalkboard looks cute! It's fun to hear about the fails though, it can really easily seem like DIY bloggers are awesome at it every time and then I go to try and it's a total nightmare haha. Really the only DIY I've done was curtain-making, so I made a joke out of all my disasters, to poke fun at my lack of knowledge and preparation, and to remind myself what not to do. (here it is in case you're curious : )

  9. thanks for sharing. i wish i'd been documenting my "fails"... i'm sure there'd be more than the successes. lol i always say "the first one turns out so-so or ok, the 2nd i've ironed out the wrinkles, the 3rd... perfect!"

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