DIY: Envelope Ornament

Everyone has an outer circle gift to give at Christmas.
Co-workers, teachers, etc.
I think this is a perfect little gift or add-on to the outside of a gift.
It's an ornament that looks like an envelope on the back and has a pocket
for you to write a kind note! The best part is that this is SO customizable.
Oh, and super cheap.
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+paint (not pictured)
also, after this photo, I switched to aqua string.
You can find wooden shapes at every craft store for around 30 cents each or in a pack.
Paint your wooden shape. 
Glue your fabric onto shape, folding & tucking neatly
as you go. The goal is to get crisp edges, like an envelope.
Cut a slit in the top of your fabric so you can hang the ornament.
Slip your yarn/string/wire through and knot on the inside.
Write sweet notes to put in your envelope. 
*Can you guys find my mistake in the images? I corrected it on the middle of the project*
Cut felt shapes out (or use any number of decorative items) to doll it up.


  1. what a cute idea! definitely making these for my fellow teachers come Christmas time!

  2. I like your post. It really useful with me. Thanks for sharing these useful information!


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