Before & After: Ottoman Bench

My husband thrifted this 70s ottoman/storage bench a few years ago, when he was still a bachelor.
He wanted to keep it so badly when we got married. But you know - it's sort of hideous.
I don't hate the 70s look, but it totally clashes with our modern furniture.
See the redo after the jump!

I recovered the ottoman in a very sedate indigo & navy scheme. 
It was a good compromise for us - I didn't remove the 70s plaid - it's still under there.
So one day, when we have a house, we can put the plaid in his office.

It works really well with the other things in our living room.
I might recover it with some crazy awesome fabric one day.
But, for now - it works.


  1. Before clicking "read more" i imagined what sort of colors you revamped it into- and did not except neutrals! it looks great! currently learning how to scale down my girlyness and design more gender-neutral for new hubs myself.

  2. The result is very great! I hope you would share the tutorial someday :D Thank you!
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