Reader-Inspired Color Palette

One of you awesome readers recently took the fun survey I have posted 
(see above tab, takes 1 min or less!).
Whoever you are - I must say, I think you have excellent taste.
And you may be ahead of the trend curve. Why, you ask? 
This reader's fave color combo these days in chartreuse & red violet. 
Helllooo. Why didn't I think of that?

It occurs in nature! That means it definitely works.
Throws made from saris. I LOVE this one!
Hand dyed silk scarf by Silk Mari (it's sold, though). 

Look at those colors together- perfection. And do you know why?
Check out the color wheel to find out:
Complementary colors! This is why I need to get the color wheel out more often.

I love the concept of this color combo - the red violet really anchors the chartreuse.

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