DIY: Web Earrings

I'm at it again with the embroidery floss.
This time - web earrings.

Earring hook (I used the french or fish hook style)
Embroidery Floss in 2+ colors
Hoop that is sized appropriately for earrings 
I had vintage brass hoops specifically for jewelry making.
Howevs, you could use anything.
(piece of electrical wire? stiff cord? washer? - I think thin looks best.)
You can see the easy steps above. 
Start with a double knot, stretch to the other side of hoop, single knot.
Stretch across, single knot again.
Do this over and over until you're satisfied with the 'web' look.
Double knot the last thread and trim close to base.

I wasn't totally happy with the plain coral 
so I added two strands of turquoise to one earring.
I just weaved them under and over the existing coral strands and tied off.

That's it! Add the earring hook (pliers work best for that but fingers work too!).
And you're done!


  1. love this idea! so simple yet so cute.

  2. Found you through CraftGawker! I love everything you make! So talented!

    newest follower and excited to see what else you come up with ;)

  3. so awesome I posted it on my blog :D


  4. Thanks so much, ladies!

    @Lindsay - that means so much to me! Your compliment really made my night. :)

    @sarah - thank youuuuuu! cute blog!

  5. Those earrings look great! Thank you so much for sharing!


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