DIY: Scarf Necklace

Know why I love this DIY? Cause it makes me feel fancy without the work of actual fancy.

Supplies: Cord or rope (I used cotton filler cord from the fabric store)
1/4 yd. of silky fabric
Hot glue or some other gluey adhesive 

Step 1: Build the base of your necklace with your cord. I ended up using hot glue and wrapping the joints with old bias tape. This will be totally covered up so it doesn't matter what it looks like (duct tape!) as long as it's sturdy. 

Step 2: Fold the edges of your fabric until they almost meet. If you are not lazy or impatient like me, now is the time to hem the edges. I was too impatient even for iron-on hem tape and it worked out okay. But if you want to wear this necklace for years to come, HEM!

Step 3: Wrap fabric around cord one time and glue down the width of fabric.

Step 4: Begin wrapping your fabric around and around the cord. Start out somewhat snug against the cord. 
Step 5: Loosen your wraps as you go along, to create some drape. The longest point of your necklace should have the most drape. However, if you did not hem your edges (shame! ;), you can't go too loose with your wrapping because your nasty edge will start to show.

Step 6: Trim excess fabric.

Step 7: Tuck excess fabric into existing drape, glue down. Go back over all of your drapes and glue down any problem areas (all of us lazy impatient crafters don't want our unfinished ends sticking out!)

P.S. I think Anthro is going to be jealous, don't you? ;)
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