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I recently picked up this book from the library, 

Aimee Bender'sThe Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake: A Novel (Hardcover)(2010)
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In short, it's about a young girl that can suddenly taste the emotions of the person that prepared the food she eats. (And of course, there's a surprise twist towards the end). Overall, it's a really interesting concept. It begins with her mother - she feels complex emotions like deep longing and unhappiness. She has trouble eating most foods because of the negative emotions she senses. 
What a huge burden. Probs couldn't eat a freaking Star Crunch (remember those?) without launching into an existential crisis. (Although the more processed the food is, the more she can tolerate it - b/c machines don't have emotions, obvs). I found myself wondering about the people that prepared my food - are they happy? And on the occasional day when I mentally grumble about making my husband's sandwich while he gets ready for work, I wonder if my bad attitude creeps into the mayo? So sorry, husby, if you ever taste a twinge of grumps in your lunch. 


  1. Really interesting concept. I'll see if my library has this book.

  2. I thought the book had an interesting concept but the ending was bland.. Did you end up liking it?

  3. @mallowdreams The ending was...yeh, a little dull. I definitely didn't have a spike in emotion reading it - ha! But the whole book kind of has slow movement and a natural progression, which mimics real life, I think. So the end sort of fit the vibe of the book.

  4. I enjoyed this book as well, mainly for the thought provoking concept of tasting emotion. But I agree that overall it ended up being forgettable...


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