Day One: Acne

You may have seen yesterday's post or the 
many posts in the blogosphere about The August Break 2011. 
So here's my Day One August photo:

What the heck? Am I fifteen again?
An adult acne breakout, you guys. Sigh. Not just one pimple, nope.
Gotta go all out and have several bumps on one side of my face.
I mean, have the courtesy to spread the acne out so that's balanced on both sides. 

HOWEVER. I finally plucked my eyebrows today. 
They were getting quite caterpillar-y. 
So at least I can feel good about that and quit hiding them behind my glasses everyday.

P.S. Did any of you click that photo to see the larger version? 
B/c if you did, I'm coming for you.