Survey Says...[Results]

Well, many a day ago, when I was a wee lass...or just last year, actually, I added a survey to my blog.
A fun survey, to get to know you guys.
I've finally complied a few of the results (okay, all 4 of them). 
AND, the most exciting part - I have a new (quick) survey up!
Click here or go to the Survey Says tab.


Also, the images in the post reflect the new (and evolving) look of my blog.
So take a peek!

A response to some of the responses. 

-White on white cakes is just the plain vanilla birthday or wedding cake. It's my absolute fave.

- I thought I included alcohol on the list! I'm so sorry. Mango margs on me?

-blues & yellows, eh? I'm into it.

I've got at least 4 classy readers. I like you guys!