I just got my Softspoken order in the mail! Yaaay! Rachael is the creative energy behind the brick&mortar shop, Pack Rats, and the online shop, Softspoken.

Rachael sent an extra goody - a head warmer in one of my very favorite colors! Thank you!
I love it. I know I'll need it - I'm prepping myself for my first real winter weather this year.

I love Rachael's work (I have quite a few of her things!) and so I wanted to share my purchase with you. I mean, how creative is this granny square tank?
I love it! Look at the detail - the craftsmanship is excellent! And it's a great color palette, Rachael.

Side note:  I think that last photo is very Rachael-esque. Check out her outfit photos and see if you think so.


  1. geez katie, it looks so good on you! i'm almost glad the navy was a bust - this color suits you so well!

  2. rats her shop is closed!? glad you linked back to this, that top is amazing, so creative indeed & I love that color, in general and on you! & I got a little chuckle for a sec thinking that whiteness was not an undertank.


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