DIY: (Cheap!) Wall Art

Hey guys! I have done sooo many DIY projects lately. I'm having a lot of fun!
Today I bring you inexpensive and transitional wall art. 

You know those foam shipping pieces that protect your online purchases as they travel to your home?
You can save them from their landfill destiny!

We recently got a relatively small package in with two square styrofoam pieces and I had a blank wall in our new apartment...So this cheap and easy DIY was born. :)

You will need: 
staple gun or office stapler or adhesive
styrofoam pieces

Your pieces are likely to have some protruding bumps - I cut one off with an exacto knife. 
However, I recommend working around those without trying to cut them 
because it's kind of a pain to cut them.

TIP: The key to this project is to use good fabric!

Here are the finished pieces!
After taking these photos, I realized my bottom piece was a bit crooked. 
No worries, I corrected that!

The empty wall was in the bathroom, obvs.

See how easy, cheap and temporary this is?
I used a nice home decor fabric that matches my current bathroom colors. 
But I can change the fabric anytime. 
I really like this for an inexpensive, temporary fix!


  1. Cute idea! I have a lot of styrofoams lying here. What did you used to glue the decor on your wall? Thanks! :)


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