denouncing hipster indie snobbery right here, right now.

I generally don't think of myself as trendy.
 In fact, if I'm honest here, I usually consider trendy to be a bit insulting. 
As if I don't have a mind of my own, or an unique eye for design.
Because I'm better than that (that being the mainstream), right? *nose in air*
2011 trends according to Lemon Jitters ;)

HOWEVER, there are quite a few current design trends that I can get behind.
Yes, I do like chevron stripes & ikat patterns aren't bad either. 
Retro mod in grey & aqua geometric patterns? I'll take it. 
Eh, what can I say? Just because it's a trend doesn't mean it isn't good design. 
It also doesn't mean we need to slather it all over our houses or blogs. 
The point is-
I'm bringing my nose out of the air - almost all the way. ;)