I just bought this skirt. I'm considering all the possibilities....
Extra Toppings Brown Maxi Skirt  - Click Image to Close

With a boucle sweater?

And I'd probably belt it up?
Volcom Sticks N Stones Skinny Belt - Women's
And LOTS of necklaces
wishing . necklace

Just a random bit of color...

This is the perfect time to mention how much I want this ring 
aaaannd the fact that it would look really good with this outfit. :)
Sideswept Citrine Ring

And I've been coveting this bag, so why not throw that in the look, too? :)
Vintage Swiss Bag with metal, turquoise button and old window latch-1984


  1. hi there! may I ask where the green and gold bracelet is from???

  2. @thegreedymagpies, it was at Anthropologie but is no longer available. Just click the links above each photo to visit the original site! :)

  3. I arrived here because I clicked on a wonderful long brown skirt which has disappeared! :_( And then I discovered this awesome belt and again when I clicked, I found anything but it. Where are those two things? Thanks! ;D

  4. Hi Angelica,

    This post is from 2011 so those items have sold out. The skirt was from Lulus and I can't remember where the belt was from!

  5. A big thank you for your blog article.


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