One of my faves.

Ok, so this past year, thanks to Netflix, I've started watching more tv shows. 
This is how I roll: 
I find an old show that has finished airing.
 I watch the heck out of it for a month until I'm completely done with three seasons.
Or Netflix poops out on me. Sometimes, if I watch too many eps in a row, it freezes on me.
It's life's way of telling me to go outside, I think. Or eat some french fries. 

The point of this - I never watch shows on an actual tv. 
NBC's Parenthood.
Hello, Tuesday nights with my bf, roomie and good food. 
It's a thing now. Parenthood night. 
If you don't already watch this show - check it out! 
For the most part, it's emotionally accurate and hits some tough issues.
And the reason I bring this up now - next week's episode is going to bring on the tears.
I know it, we (roomie, bf and I) feel it in our guts. It's going to be a tough one.
Adam and Christina (far left in the photo) have to tell their child he has Asperger's. 
Yeh, so if you don't already watch, get busy! 
Watch as many eps as you can this week to prep for Tuesday night at 10/9c. 

Aaaannnd. Here's a little perspective, for ya. Moms weren't always moms. 
Daaang, Christina (aka Monica Potter).