Least Wanted.

This interesting collection has made the rounds in the blogosphere.
The latest post I've seen is over at Stay Fancy Free.

The collector/artist is Least Wanted on Flickr. 
I think it's a pretty cool idea and visually pleasing. 
Therefore, it gets another blog post here. 
I added a bit of color to this image for a different view.
Now you want to go see the whole set, right? 

I just found her the most striking. 
She looks...haunted by something. But not really sad. More resignation. 
Although maybe there is a bit of defiance in that side profile?


  1. Creepin' on my nerves a bit. Looks like she could/would punch my lights out. Like she's had a tough life. That sortof thing.

  2. Whaaa? I think she's pretty. I like her hair. Taking styling tips, here.

  3. Its the eyeballs that threw me off. But for real, she's gorg. Pretty lips.

  4. She looks like she had a better life once. A bit like someone from the times of Jack the Ripper.

  5. Those eyes really are haunting. Gorgeous. I like the way you took the first image out of context.


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