Thoughts on blogging.

In the land of blog dwellers, some enjoy the island life. Rich with thousands of followers, tons of sponsors and the dollars rolling in. Most inhabit the lonely moors of less than 100 followers. (Hello! That's me). It's nice there. Things are pretty and you can freely express yourself however you like. It's not a rich life, but it's quiet and pleasant.

BUT. What if, one day in the lonely lands of moors, when writing another post with your top five Etsy favorites that fall into some trendy/random/color/shape category, you realize - this isn't exactly what I set out to do. This isn't why I have a blog. Sure, it's pleasant. For me. But am I spurring actual thought processes in anyone out there (or even myself)? Or am I contributing to the scores of reasonably curated and perhaps even creative-minded blogs with no thought-provoking or emotion-inducing posts?


Then. Then, you don't know what to do. This blog, my blog, lacks personality. It is an impersonal extension of the part of me that I'm willing to show the public. Guess what? I do actually have a scintillating personality. Ok, maybe I'm not that exceptional. But I do have things to say. I do have passions. It seems easier to remain impersonal. No one can judge me if I don't really share myself. What do I care if you don't like my Etsy picks or my photos? See? It's safe here, in my reasonably attractive, but dull, blog.

I don't know what to do. I'll be back with an answer at some point.


  1. I think it's a very strange line we have to straddle when we make the conscious decision to design a blog. Ultimately we think that the posts, which no doubt feature things we have chosen, will somehow represent us. But there is also the idea that maybe people just don't care at all and are simply attracted to the visuals. I have less followers than you by a long, long shot. I guess there are just compromises you learn to make once you put yourself "out there", it forces you to make decisions about the audience you crave and the responses you want.

  2. I am right there with you! I realized about 2 months ago that my blog was not what I had wanted it to be. That I wasn't doing what I wanted with it anymore. I've slowly been changing and adapting to what I want my blog to be and where I want it to go.
    I think even some part of it is because of the followers, ya know if we were on an island with thousands of followers...I bet we wouldn't feel this way. We would love what we're doing with our blogs. But I don't have an answer to any of it either.
    We need to blog for ourselves, but also blog for our audience, which can be hard.
    Hmm...Like I said, I have no answer. Just lending support and letting you know there are others out there who feel the same! :)

  3. This definitely has me thinking. I know that mine is very superficial in comparison to what I'm usually thinking or some of the things I have to say, but then I keep in mind that the purpose for which I started the blog in the first place, which in my case wasn't to put my heart and soul out there really. I think it's really hard to strike a balance between impersonal and just too personal, and I do struggle with that.

  4. Thank you ladies for leaving thoughtful comments! I think one of my main problems if knowing what I want to do with my blog. Like you said, Lindsay, do I want to put my heart and soul out there or remain superficial? Either is okay...I just need to find a direction I am happy with and strike that balance you mentioned. :)

    Thank you!!


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