Icons: Beauty

Maybe I'm a bit of a cynic. A tad jaded. And yes, a smidgen of judgmental. 
But just a bit, tad and smidgen. Ok, maybe more than that. I confess. 
 I rarely have anything good to say about a beautiful model or fashion icon in current media. I question the motive for such as a thing as our massive beauty industry and the propaganda it spews to women.

 Why do I find these beauty icons of the 60s so enchanting? They are beautiful women. Just like we have beautiful women now. And maybe the industry has changed for the worse, but I don't believe they were spouting values to live by in the 60s either. So why do I find these ladies glamorous and desirable?

Jacqueline Bisset 

Francoise Hardy


Who knows what theory I would have touted in the 60s if I had been a 20-something in that era. I would probably be making the same comments I am now only it would be about these stunning ladies instead of our current icons. 
The past always seems so elegant and fascinating- not matter what era you live in. 

*This post was inspired by photos Pack Rats put up awhile back.