from my bones.

What do you think about loving the strange people? 

The ones that duck their head oddly when you speak to them. 
The man with the gestures that seem to belong to a different conversation.
The people whose constant mumbling begs for your attention.
The woman with the limping speech. 

You know. 
Those. Them. They. 

the atypical 
the strange
and weird
or odd
curious and bizzare

I know what you think about loving them.
We should.
I do.
 I really do.
Isn't that what we say? 

I guess the better question would be
How do you feel about loving the strange people?

Discomfort is normal. I expect it. I expect you to feel it.
What I ask 
of you
recognition that the he or she
he or she is a someone. 

And let's look them in the eye, okay?
And maybe extend a hand for a shake or a pat on the back.

I just had to ask.
Cause this comes from the very marrow of my bones, it feels like. 


  1. I've always been the "strange" one - sometimes that recognition by someone else is more crushing than the ignorance. I think it takes time and observation to become friends with people like that, like me. We usually are far too comfortable being completely alone.

    But, on my part, the attempt is always more than appreciated.

  2. I guess I was too vague - I was thinking of the many patients I've worked with who have severe mental or emotional problems. The kind of problems that hinder everyday healthy functioning. And I see how others treat the 'outcasts' of our society. These people are clamoring for honest, compassionate attention. They generally don't like being alone - they are often scared of themselves, actually.

    I hope I didn't offend you. I always enjoy your comments!

  3. I was vague as well - I wasn't offended. I think you pinpoint an age old argument though - as in, if we move "special ed" kids to classified "special ed" programs / categories, do we do more harm labeling them and run the risk of them manifesting this label for a lifetime or can the results be positive? It's such a tricky position but I agree with your post - the important thing to remember is that being human is a universal, not a right.


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