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I thought I'd give you a quick peek into my makeup bag. I'm don't wear too much makeup but I do find it important to my self-esteem (I haven't transcended society's demand for perfection yet.) I assume many of you wear makeup and are on a budget. So a look at my choices might help you out because I'm ALWAYS on a budget. But this past year I managed to finally find products that I'm happy with and don't require a small loan to purchase. 

If I were doing full-out, I-need-to-make-a-good-impression makeup, these items make the cut. These are also my daily wear items minus all the eye makeup and maybe the shimmer blush.My Makeup Bag
I swear by MAC Studio Finish Concealer. It's my only makeup splurge ($17) and it's a must-have.
This Almay foundation provides very sheer coverage, which works well with MAC's heavy concealer. 

I really like this ELF studio blush (Candid Coral)- $3 and works well!
 I also use their studio blush brush and I highly recommend it ($3).
 I use a shimmery, light Cover Girl blush on top of the ELF for a little glow (about $3).
 It's amazing how 'finished' I look after dusting that on.

The Lancome eyeshadow is a hand-me-down. I will really use almost any brown/cream eyeshadow.
I use Cover Girl's new mascara, Last Blash. I like it but you do have to replace it pretty often (clumps).
I am just now trying Cover Girl's new liquid eyeliners and I'm impressed. Easy to use, clean lines.
I use ELF's eyeshadow brush and comb wand. 

My daily routine takes 6 minutes. (woohoo!)
But when I'm getting fancy and using all of these products + three eyeshadows = 
15 minutes (where does that time go?)


  1. Great suggestions! I might have to try that mac concealer...


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