Polyvore's Mini Editor

Polyvore is the place to let your creativity roam free without consequence (except the time you lose as you instantly become addicted). It allows you to be the designer of fashion, color, home decor, etc. It's really fun and can be inspirational.

Polyvore now has a Mini Editor which allows bloggers to pick items for their collection and then bring those items to their blog readers. The readers get to mix and match to find their favorite looks. It's really fun! It's a bit of a challenge to use someone else's favorites to create looks that suit your personal taste. Here are some of my picks. Have fun!

**Caution: If you have actually have work to do in the next hour, you may want to bookmark for later! You will suddenly wake up to find yourself plus 20 outfits and minus one hour of your day.

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  1. You beeeeest! I HAVE TO HAVE those oxfords - ugh - money!?!

  2. LOVE IT! One more thing to keep me occupied at work. lol

  3. Oooh, I love your outfits, ladies!!


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