Trashy Talk.

What would people think if they looked through your garbage?

source: Tasty Suite, decal $6

That is the question of the day, folks. I bet if you take half a second to think about it, the thought will make you giggle a bit. The contents of our trashcans are very personal, no? And they often negate the polished image we would like to present to others. Maybe our garbage gives away our dirty little secrets (pardon the pun, I never pass up a pun opportunity). Like the fact that we aren't as environmentally conscious as our Nalgene® bottles plastered with recycle symbols would have others think.

Or maybe - just maybe- your trash will say exactly what others think about you. Oh yes, of course, we expected to see a massive bottle of athletic supplements complete with the standard I'm-a-man-and-i-have-raging-muscles photo in your trashcan. Oh, you have your trash organized by function and color, Miss-I-am-super-anal-and-my-kids-are-perfect? Exactly what I imagined.

I know you are just dying to find out what my trash says about me, am I right? Oh you weren't? I was just hoping you were? Could you pretend, for my sake? Ok, thanks.

My trash:
2 empty bags of microwaveable popcorn
a McDonald's® bag within a Taco Bell® bag (ok, that's bad - but remember, I have a roommate!)
A lot of cooked pasta (it was gross, I couldn't make it through one bowl)
packets of hot cocoa
A Sonic® bag
a TON of empty fast food cups
lots of spam advertisements
And I dare not dig to the very bottom because I suspect all of the cooked food that we dump in there has migrated to the bottom of the bag.

I will let you think whatever you want about that scenario. It doesn't paint a pretty picture. And I will take claim to about 2/3 of the fast food cups. Although I don't eat much fast food, I do drink massive amounts of Coke® .

P.S. If you look for images with the word 'garbage', you just might find something along these lines:

Gwen Stefani & Shirley Manson 90's


  1. I don't know what in the world I would find in my trash!

    Two of my roommates have been gone for a week and we haven't taken the trash out once. When they are home we take it out every other day! I think it's obvious who the trashiest people in the house are :)

  2. I found your blog through shrimp salad circus's photo thing - just wanted to say i really love your etsy shop!

  3. Shirley Manson was my idol back in the 90's. Loved that woman.


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