Free Clip Art (Birds)

Yay! Sweet birdies for the summer time. Aren't the colors fun? And I left the edges a bit rough because I think these would look great with raffia for a touch of rural charm. Perfect for gift tags. (Especially for a baby shower). Click for a larger image.

Terms: Feel free to use this clipart for personal or commercial use. Just do not resell this clipart in full without altering it and do not claim it as your own. As a common courtesy and a thank you, always link back to this site when you use the clipart. Thanks!


  1. So cute! There would definitely be cute for a baby shower...too bad I'm not planning on having one any time soon :)

  2. I love these birds! Is this still a freebie? I can't find the individual images. Thanks.


  3. @Em Hutchison - this was back before I was proficient at file types and whatnot. The only image is the one in the post. Thanks for stopping by!


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