a stirring

do you ever wish you could create something truly beautiful?

i wish that sometimes

that somehow, at the end of my life, i can look back and say that something beautiful came from it
not some pretty earrings
not a painting of a pear or something inconsequential

but something, anything
that stirs emotion
and is meaningful
and that, when you observe it, you think
"this creator must have some almost-imperceptible
beauty hidden within her to produce this"

i guess what i'm really saying is

i want to be beautiful
in a meaningful way
in an intricate, complex
make-you-look-again-and-again kind of way

and not just to others
but, at the end
i want to be satisfied with myself

and proud


  1. This is beautiful, and I think many of us can relate. You have a way with words, my dear!


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