SALE!! Easter Egg Hunt.

Woo-hoo! As promised, it is sale time! Here's how it goes: You go on an Easter Egg hunt in my shop! Fun, right?

There are prize eggs hidden throughout the shop. The image above is an example of the hidden eggs. The code tells you what percentage you get off *ANY ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE. (i.e. TealEgg30 = 30% off) It does not matter where you find the egg, you can use the code when you checkout with *ANY single item in the shop (if you buy more than one item, the deal is on the item of greater value). You will be refunded through Paypal.

Have fun! And good luck hunting. :)

*Does not apply to Recession Friendly line.


  1. I just egg-hunted me some goodies. Funfunfun sale, and it took away my very last reason to not start buying things...


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