Inner Selves

My good friend Lindsay, over at Shrimp Salad Circus, wrote a great post today about how we waste time and energy gossiping about celebrities and others' around us. Go read her post! And then my response will make sense. And then you can give your thoughts to us as well. We'd love to hear them! And THEN (one last thing, I promise) take your thoughts and turn them into action!

The thoughts that Lindsay's post generated:

One reader commented on Lindsay's post that it is sad how we thrive on meanness (gossiping about others).

I don't think it is as much our inner 'meanness' as it is our deep desire and drive to protect our secret selves.

The self who tugs at her fat every morning in the mirror. The self who sighs deeply when the article or grant gets rejected again. The self who feels a deep loss every time the boss congratulates another co-worker instead. The self who painstakingly fills in the gaps in her eyebrow every day to achieve someone else's ideal. The self who falls into bed, exhausted after a day of pleasing everyone around.

The self who is scared. The self that is lonely. The self that fantasizes about injury to self or others. The self that can find no reason to like self. The self that intensely fears that he/she will become one of the mediocre masses. The self that lives with an impending sense of doom. The self that questions his/her place on this planet. The self that is devoid of emotion. The self that refuses to let you in to see all the ugly. The self who knows the evil that self is capable of and is terribly saddened and frightened by it. The self that fears failure above all else. The self that wonders if he/she is special or different than anyone else. The self that craves attention. The self that lives in desperation.

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Our secret selves.

Most of the time, they are too quiet to be noticed by outsiders. But to us, they are ever-present, constant reminders of something that seems too ugly to share.

Our secret selves.

They push us to bash celebrities. They nudge us to gossip about our co-workers' outfits. They press us to find the faults of others.

Our secret selves.

The selves of inadequacy.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! I think you've really gotten at the core of the problem. Now if we could only get away from it altogether...

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a really sweet comment. I was considering those colors for UO mery-janes too, how funny! Those blue ones are awesome too!
    Your blog is totally lovely and so is your taste!


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