Welcome to another episode of Crushing: I-want/need-these-items-asap.

1. Here's the thing. That American Apparel tee is ridiculously comfortable. I have a tee in that fiber blend (tri-blend) that is the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my body.

2. Here's the other thing. I've worn my trusty tan Target shoes out. Also extremely comfortable, the soles are now cracked in two (I still wear them). On a recent excursion to the ER, my mom made me take my shoes off when I was lying in the bed. Probably because she didn't want the nurses to think we were too poor to buy new shoes. Anyway, they are similar to these brown ones that I love very much. And these are handmade! Sigh.

3. LOVE the setting on that ring. Plus it's vintage. Plus the focal point is a recycled skateboard. Bonus for being eco-chic and maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

4. Vintage + Skirt + Flouncy + Pretty print = Staple wardrobe item.

I'm pretty sure I would wear all of these items at once 'cause that's what you do with new stuff, right? Plus they actually go together!