Let me start by saying- I'm so sorry! I've been a bad blogger. My life is a tad busy (ok, maybe more than a tad) right now and I'm totally preoccupied.

So, since I cannot contribute a worthwhile blog post (unless you want to hear about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which I'm learning all about this semester), I will give you a few good links so you can hop off to whittle away your free time reading other blogs. :)

1. Do you have cool or warm skintone? Go find out! It could change your entire life! Ok, maybe not. But it might change your wardrobe or makeup choices. Although, if you are a cool tone and want to wear bronze, rust and cream or a warm tone that loves baby blue- I fully support those decisions. Break the rules! I do!

2. Check out the packaging for these beauty/bath products. Made me tingly all over just looking at the catalog.

3. I plan on learning a lot of things for the GRE this summer. I'm looking forward to using this technique to memorize some key elements for the test. Apparently you can memorize a whole lot and just about anything. Who knew?

4. Can someone make these granola bars and tell me how they taste? K, thanks.

And THAT is what is on my frazzled mind today. :)


  1. I wish I would've had those tips when I was studying for the GRE last summer! I'm gonna have to try that next time (*cough* every time *cough*) that I'm studying something really last-minute!

  2. What degree are you planning on getting?

    - also yes! I have to agree with your MoMA comment - it'll be interesting to see how other museums respond. I don't even want to know however how much they spent on "acquiring" the damn thing.


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