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Hey hey! Today is for all you little Etsy/ArtFire/Folksy/etc sellers out there! Here are some tips on how to successfully navigate wholesale deals. AND you will be excited to know - I've also made some wholesale templates for you! FREEBIES! I made a few different varieties so maybe you can find something that suits you. I left them in JPG format so you can easily alter them by adding your photos and copy.

1. Your retail prices should theoretically be able to take a 50% cut. That leaves you with your wholesale price, which covers your supply cost, overheard expenses and hourly wage. There are certain exceptions that may not be up for the 50% discount (one-of-a-kind pieces, particular collections, etc.) Generally though, if your pieces can't take that cut, you gotta re-evaluate before you can offer wholesale. Again, there are exceptions to this rule - it depends on you and your art. You may only offer a 30% cut. The 50% discount is just a general rule of thumb.

2. If your pieces can take that cut - decide what a minimum # of products or dollar amount that would be worth your time/make a profit, etc. (My minimum wholesale order is 15. You could say $200 or 10 items. Whatever you are comfortable with.) Then make a list: product name, features, price, photo. If you can make it in a image manipulating program, it will have your distinct branding, which is great. If not, make it in a Word document/Excel spreadsheet. That's okay to start out. OR use the templates that I've provided and just fill in your info.

3. Be sure to include little details that matter to you in your wholesale agreement. Do you want your products displayed a certain way? Do you want to include a message about your art or yourself as the artist? Do you want an EIN or resale license from the buyer as proof they are a retail organization? Would you consider consignment? Who would pay the taxes in that case? What are your shipping/handling fees (include insurance/tracking costs)? What is your return/exchange policy?

4. Package your products professionally. But remember, this is part of the reason you are able to offer a 50% discount. Each item will not be individually packaged the same as your usual, more elaborate routine. But the packaging still reflects your brand and integrity.

5. Lastly, I usually include some little gifts and a note as a thank you.

Okay, here are the promised wholesale sheets! Click on the images to see them larger and then just copy and paste or save. Edit them however you'd like. If you can save them as PDFs once you've added your photos/descriptions, that would be great. Then you can just email the PDFs to your potential buyers and have no fear of anyone editing your image.

Vintage Map Wholesale Sheets:
This can be used as your cover sheet by adding your shop name/collection, etc. This is my fave!
This can be used for your product pages. Just put your photos on the left and descriptions on the right.

Vintage Wholesale Sheet:
This one is also from vintage images. You will have to edit your photos to fit the circle shapes and then provide a short description below. This is my second fave! :)

Grassy Wholesale Sheet:
This would be your cover page. Just stick your logo or shop name in the top square. Or you can add "Spring 2010" or "Eco-Chic Collection" (etc.) under that. :)

Your images and descriptions will go on these pages.

Fun Woodgrain Wholesale Sheet:
This is the cover page. Add your own images, logo, photos, etc. to the main block.
You would place your photos in the left column and descriptions on the right for this one.

Cupcake Wholesale Sheet:
You can use this as your cover page and your other pages. It provides more flexibility to place your photos and whatnot.

And here's a plain one just in case you didn't find your style:


  1. Thanks for the lovely templates! So cute and practical. :)

  2. I'm glad you like them, a-Lou! Thanks for the nice comment. :)

  3. Thank you, I have had a couple of requests, and not known quite how to handle them!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I *twittered* and spread the word! : )


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