It looks like this semester will be much too busy to keep up with regular blog posts. So I will post every week, but I can't guarantee the day. As you've noticed, the regular Tuesday post is taking a long nap.

It's been snowing all day and it has finally started sticking. Luckily, my new warmer from Ozetta has seriously been a lifesaver. I didn't even wear a jacket! The warmer totally kept me toasty enough to run from my car into the house, doctor, pharmacy, etc. That's so nice b/c I don't like wearing bulky jackets just to walk from the car.
Click on her photos for a link to her shop.

I won it in a generous giveaway from Ozetta. It's charcoal grey (the one pictured is navy). It's super duper heavy and fantastic. My past experience with cowls has been good but they weren't thick and so I didn't expect this one to be. I like everything in Ozetta's shop but I wondered if I would use the warmer enough to justify spending the $$. UM, YES. If you are wondering the same thing, let me assure you- this is totally worth the investment. I guarantee you will use it often and for years to come. :)

I was a bit hesitant to share my concerns with you about the expense because people don't often talk about prices in regards to Etsy shops. But I think it's important to address that concern because I know I'm not the only one on a budget! Her prices are absolutely on par with the quality of her pieces. Quality= years of use!

The end. Thanks, Hailey! I'm in love with my warmer. :)


  1. You're making want to go buy one of these right this second!!!


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