I've been under the impression for most of my life that certain colors are considered dressier than other colors. I'm here to say - that is baloney! You do not have to save your black for an evening gala and your hot pink for the club. :) While that may be the traditional thing to do, I think we should break the rules.

Today's post shows you three outfits in the same color scheme to prove that no color is off-limits at any time of the day!

Outfit #1: Possibly my fave. This one is very 'me.' Great for running errands, going shopping, grabbing coffee....
Casual Gray/Turquoise/Coral

Outfit #2: You can definitely wear this shopping, to the library, even to a casual dinner! The appearance of pants takes it through dinner-wear.
Casual #3 Gray/Teal/Pink
Outfit #3: Dressy dinner. Same color scheme, even some of the same jewelry. The silk bolero takes it to dressy.
Dressy Coral/Teal
And there you have it. These are some of my favorite colors right now! You can find the individual items here.


  1. Yay for breaking rules! I love these colors. I can tell from your shop that these colors inspire you. You should have included some of your own jewelry!

  2. I've never thought about these colors in my shop! So true though. :)


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