Feature: Latherati Soap

Hellooo, sweet readers. Today I must introduce you to the most fantastic Etsy shop. I love reading and I especially love books. You know, the way they feel, look, and smell. I also happen to be enamored with scents - specifically, shower gels. I've never been much of a soap bar kind of girl because I grew up on boring Ivory soap (for my allergy-ridden dad). Little did I know how awesome soap bars can be.

Latherati Soaps is a really unique shop. I love the concept: literature+soap. The creator, Julie, loves to read and each of her soaps is inspired by her readings. She tries to capture the book's 'scent' and deliver it in tangible form. She does this quite successfully, I might add. :)

("Library" - The coolest idea ever! Click the link, click the link!)

I purchased her 'Book Endz' which is the creative name for her sample set. First of all, she does not skimp on soap in the sample. Each round bar is a very nice size. Here is what the set looks like- so cute!! When I got the package, the scent was wafting out of the mailer, tempting me to rip into it. The fragrant packaging really made the experience!

Julie tells a bit about herself:

1) How would you describe your craft? I make handmade, cold process soap, body lotion, lip balm and other body products, all inspired by books and literature :-)

2) What does your creative process entail? Well, I read...a lot! Wherever I go, I have a book with me. That's where I get my ideas.

3) What is the most rewarding part of the process? Being able to read as much as I do and then to play with fragrance and essential oils to come up with the perfect scent to represent a book.

(My roommate and I really love the Isle of Skye lotion. To quote my roomie, "I smell like a woman!" It's true. It is very clean, yet feminine. A great, unusual mix.)

4) How long have you been creating and selling? I've been making soap for about 10 years but just started Latherati in May 2009. I also have a vintage shop on etsy, Bee's Vintage, where I sell a large variety of vintage items, most of which come from my mom's house!

5) What is your favorite book? And does it have a coordinating soap? Oh, it's hard to pick a favorite but I just read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and that it is definitely in my top five. I'm working on a fragrance for that one now.

6) If you could speak to one type of animal, which would it be and why? my dog, Piper. She's 10 and getting on in years and I would love to know what's going on in her little brain.

The lip balm is so great! Super smooth. (My scent: Beguile, Lavender+Mint. Fantastic).

So, Julie:
fries or onion rings? fries
snow or sun? sun
button or snap? button
ant or grasshopper? grasshopper
M&Ms or Skittles? M&Ms
Twitter or Facebook? Facebook
mystery or classic? classic
cake or cookies? cookies
plaid or stripes? plaid

Thanks for a great experience, Julie! P.S. (and this is a big P.S.) - her soap is GREAT to shave with! And I do not have sweet little baby hairs. I have stubborn, rebellious hairs - this soap is thick and tamed my hairs into submission. And she has a great, gently exfoliating soap that a certain boy in my life loved: Dust Bowl (nice, subtle scent).